Kjetil Husebø


Contradictions (2012)



Kjetil Husebø (Steinway model D, live electronics/sampling).


Recorded at Audiopol Studio/Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway.

Engineer: Audun Kleive.


Mixed and mastered by Reidar Skår at 7.Etage. Additional fx by Reidar Skår.

Produced by Kjetil Husebø. Co-produced by Reidar Skår and Audun Kleive.




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Optical Substance - albums





Adaptation (2010)





Kjetil Husebø (Songs, synth, programming, piano, sampling and more)




Steinar Vaernes (Trumpet)

Terje Evensen (Drums)

Alex Gunia (Guitar)

Sigrun Eng (Cello)

Karolin Broosch (Violin)

Bjoern Charles Dreyer (Guitar)

Alex Kozmidi (Guitar)

Dmitry Suslov (Sax)

Audun Waage (Trumpet-samples)

Patrick Shaw Iversen (Flute-samples) 



Produced by Kjetil Husebø


Recorded in various studios in Oslo, Berlin, Kristiansund and Mandal.


The album is mixed by Terje Evensen and Kjetil Husebø in Stereo Studio and is mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller Mastering.


Design/sleeve by: Maneuver


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Sub Luna (2005)








Kjetil Husebø (Songs, programming, synth, mixing, mastering).


Guest musicians:


Jan-Erik Reknes trumpet on 'Transformed Convergence', 'Redemption', 'Tonical', 'Sub Luna' , 'Dr.Tabla and his Monster' and 'Little Tittel'. Audun Waage trumpet on 'Slow Optical', Rune Mandelid guitar on 'Redemption', Kjetil van der Wel guitar on 'Little Tittel' 'Slow Optical', and 'Tonical'. Brikt Grendar drums on 'Redemption' and 'Dr.Tabla and his Monster'.


Produced by Kjetil Husebø


Recorded in Bergen and Oslo 2003-2004.


CoverArt by Torgrim Nærland


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This includes some unreleased tracks, other projects, live-recordings and remixes of other artists and more.




"Optical Substance - i was raised on jazz.  i grew into electronic music.  thus, i have a deep love for "jazzy downtempo."  however, i'm extremely picky when it comes to the sound - it's very easy for a producer or group to create extremely poor or extremely cheesey electronic music infused with jazz.  Kjetil Husebo has produced some of the most incredible jazz/electronic.  i've never heard much the Norwegian jazz scene, but goddamn, there must be something going on over there.  .... i have not heard anything this good since DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo released Kioku." Maer, OEM Radio, USA 






Optical Substance